What We Are Learning

 This page will be updated regularly to reflect the current units that we are studying in each subject!

 Language Arts


Spelling Focus: Open syllables


Independent and dependent clauses

Comprehension and Vocab

We will be using Lit Circles.  We are reading different novels in small groups.  

Lit Circle Final Projects (in class group assignment) are due on: Thursday, March 15

Students are in groups reading novels at their reading level.  The novels we are currently reading are: Ella Enchanted, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Red Scarf Girl, Sideways Stories from Wayside School, The Alchemist, and Watership Down

Students will read chapters decided on by the group each night Monday through Thursday and will choose a new job each week that focuses on a different aspect of comprehension.  Jobs are:

  • Characterizer 
  • Connector
  • Inferencer
  • Predictor
  • Questioner
  • Quoter
  • Summarizer
  • Visualizer

Lit Circle jobs are due each Thursday.  

Vocabulary words will be chosen by the group each Monday, and will focus on words that the group feels they need to know to understand their novel that week.  


The Trimester 3 writing focus is informational/ expository writing.


Chapter 8/9 Math Project is due: Friday, April 20 

Chapter 8/9 in math is Operations with Fractions

Students will be working with:

  • Factors and Multiples
  • Prime and Composite numbers
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Simplest form
  • Compare and order fractions
  • Least common multiple
  • Use Benchmark fractions to compare and order
  • Mixed numbers
  • Improper fractions
  • Add like fractions
  • Subtract like fractions
  • Add mixed numbers
  • Subtract mixed numbers
  • Multiply fractions by whole numbers

Key Vocabulary in this chapter:
  • benchmark fractions
  • composite numbers
  • denominator
  • equivalent fractions
  • factor pairs
  • Greatest common factor (GCF)
  • improper fraction
  • Least common multiple (LCM)
  • like fractions
  • mixed number
  • numerator
  • prime number
  • simplest form

Social Studies

Map Skills and Geography

We will be learning about:

  • Cardinal directions
  • Map Reading Skills
  • The 7 Continents and 5 Oceans
  • Landforms
  • Longitude and Latuitude 


Science Inquiry Units

We are doing Inquiry Units for Science!  Each student is placed in a science group for the year, and the groups rotate through different inquiry units that focus on an aspect of fourth grade science.  Students will rotate through two units a trimester.  Students will complete tasks and activities given to them, and will demonstrate their knowledge by turning in an individual and group portfolio and a group project at the conclusion of their unit, as well as passing an assessment on what they have learned.  

Science Final Projects, Group Portfolios, and Individual Portfolios are due on Friday, February 23.  The Unit test will also be on that day.  

Students will be rotating through the following units with their science groups:

  • Energy
    • Danika
    • Crawford
    • Riley S. 
    • Ajay
    • Katherine
  • Waves and Sound
    • Ellie
    • Avery
    • Reilly C.
    • Leif
    • Ben
    • Lucas
  • Rocks and Geosphere
    • Abby
    • Brodie
    • Gabe
    • Emily P.
    • Sean
    • Hyunhu
    • Kaylene
  • Senses and Structures of Living Things
    • Laila
    • Delilah
    • Elizabeth
    • Owen
    • Emily A.
    • Christian
    • Marques
  • Engineering
    • Adeem
    • Devan
    • Sophia
    • Adam
    • Marissa
    • Carlie


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