Miss Akimoto's Class

Welcome to fouth Grade in Room 12!

What's New?  

  • We are going to do pumpkin activities in class starting on Monday, October 23.  These activities will teach math, science, geography, and language arts.  On Halloween, we will carve our pumpkins. Pumpkins need to be small enough for your student to carry, and large enough to carve.  Please have your child bring a pumpkin to class before that date.  

  •  Red Ribbon Week is October 23 through October 27.  
    • Monday: Wear Red
    • Tuesday: Sports Day
    • Wednesday: Wear Bandannas
    • Crazy hat. hair, and sock day
    • Friday: College Shirt Day
    • Monday 10/30: Wear pink for cancer awareness
    • Tuesday: Wear Halloween costumes!

  • We need prizes for the Harvest Math Hunt!  If you would like to donate some small “penny prizes” for the math hunt, we would all really appreciate it.  Some great prizes are: spider rings, glow sticks, stickers, bouncy balls, bubbles, temporary tattoos, etc.—all small prizes that are inexpensive!  Please do not send candy. 

  • Halloween:
    • Students may dress up on Halloween in class.  Costumes need to be school appropriate, not scary or gory (don’t scare the Kindergarteners!), and need to have an uncovered face and no fake weapons.  Students might want to bring a change of clothes in case they want to change out of their costume during the day. 
    • On Halloween we will be doing TONS of fun activities:
      • Morning (1st part)—Super fun Halloween Science!
      • Morning (2nd part)—Carving our pumpkins (extra pumpkin carving sets would be wonderful! If students can bring small carving sets to share we would really appreciate it.  All carving sets will be returned to their owners).
      •  Afternoon—Harvest Math Hunt
    • I could use some more help during Halloween, especially during pumpkin carving.  Please let me know if you are interested in helping out!  Thanks! 


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