Assignments are assigned in class. They will also be posted here on the day that they are assigned.  

Any unfinished classwork needs to be completed at home and turned in the next day.

Please also know that your child's weekly Learning Plans are always due on Friday unless otherwise noted.  I will always send home a Learning Plan, so look for it each week, in addition to any other assignments.     


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 Assignment                       Date Assigned                 Due Date

Weekly/ Bi Weekly Assignments

Learning Plans                         Mon. Oct. 22                     Fri. Nov. 2

Persuasive Writing #3              Tues. Jan. 8                     Fri. Jan. 11

Prodigy (10 Questions)             Tues. Jan. 8                     Fri. Jan. 11

Front Row                                Tues. Jan. 8                    Fri. Jan. 11

           (1 ELA lesson-- students' choice)

Scholastic News-- Google           Mon. Oct. 22                      Fri. Nov 2

           (Read article, take quiz, write paragraph)

Long Term Projects

Chapter 6 Mini Math Project         Tues. Jan. 8                 TBA

Lit Circle Assignments

 Assignment                        Due 

Lit Circle Job                         Every Thursday

Lit Circle Reading                 Nightly Reading Due Mon- Thurs. 


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