Classroom Expectations

 Being in fourth grade means that there is more responsibility placed on students.  You will encounter greater freedoms, but will also encounter the expectation that you are taking your education into your own hands.  This means that I expect you to be responsible for your school work and for your behavior.  If you follow the guidelines and goals below, you will be incredibly successful in the fourth grade and have a great year filled with learning and fun!  

 Guidelines for Success:

If you follow these guidelines in this class, I can guarantee that you will be successful this year!

Class Rules

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

If the Guidelines are not being followed:

If a student is having trouble following either the Class Guidelines or the Class Rules, there are a variety of measures that can be taken.  Since every student and situation is unique, every  intervention taken is also unique.  If steps are needed to keep a student on track for success, those steps will be determined by the student, the teacher, and the family of the student.  These procedures and rules are in place to make sure that everyone has a fantastic year where they are successful!

Long Range Goals:

These are the goals that we will be working towards this year.  You will learn how to apply these traits to the different subjects you will study, as well as to your life.  These traits will serve you well!

All students will:

~Be able to self motivate to complete coursework and projects

~Gain a sense of self confidence in academic skills and knowledge and be able to assertively demonstrate their knowledge and skills to others

~Be able to self regulate by meeting deadlines for projects and assignments

~Treat everyone and the everything, including the environment, with respect

~Work together with others cooperatively in a productive, professional, and amiable way to complete projects with a common goal and to demonstrate understanding

~Gain independent study and organizational skills and habits

~Learn how to use metacognitive skills when learning new content

~Begin to understand how to analyze and think critically about problems in different subjects



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